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Online banner campaign for Alfred Dunhill

Consulting for Alfred Dunhull & Hi-ReS! To define, design and deliver a new marketing campaign for the Asian market

Client Challenge


Increasing Brand Recognition and a higher Conversion Rate

Bettering a clients' conversion rate year on year is the driving for behind a correct marketing strategy, ensuring better brand advocates, but the challenge for a large company Dunhull is ensuring that they are Innovative and seen to be using marketing leading tech.

Consequently, they can't just create any bunch of imagery, they need to communicate their offering in a very stylish way to be seen as market leaders.

Client Challenge
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Banner Strategy and Design

Ttasked in creating a series of animated banners for fashion brand Dunhill’s campaign, where each year only a few selected three men to be the voice of the brand are recognized. The idea is that they are men of achievement, reflecting the Dunhill values, intelligence and elegance. This time around the focus is one arts and culture and for the first time we featured 4 men: James Marsh, John Hurt, Jamie Hewlett, David Adjaye. The four characters chosen for the campaign talked about their understandings, life lessons, mottos of achievement; the interviews where then made available for Dunhill fans on Facebook.
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The Animated Banner Ads contained close-ups from interviewees as real-life living moments, intelligent loops of hands moving, the blink of an eye. We practice a glimpse of time - an eternal experiential moment. These momentous flashes are complemented by a quotation from the subject in principle, and intrigue the customer into wanting to learn more and see more. A teaser to the rich media content is then distributed on Facebook. Dunhill’s statistics show they had four times their normal amount of impressions served, which would prove this campaign a big success.

This project was a great collaboration between two great companies. I am truly impressed with the capabilities, experience and vision brought to the project.

Chris Murphy

Chris MurphyDIRECTOR

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