Cross-platform Gaming engaging in thousands of avid puzzle fans and transforming their fascination onto Digital is a jigsaw puzzle website offering some of the best jigsaw features found anywhere online, including six unique puzzle cuts, possibility to choose 6 up to 1000 puzzle pieces, thousands of beautiful images, multiplayer mode, webcam, chat, ability of users to follow progressions of other users and dozens of game options.

The Digital

Cross-Platform Gaming

Jigfun is a multilingual gaming platform available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese. Its main aim is to create a community of jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts from all around the world and to give the jigsaw puzzlers the best jigsaw game experience on the web.The Product is very easy to play by choosing an image, puzzle style and play in 3 steps and so much fun.

Strategy + Business


Product Innovation
Software and Performance
Fit for Growth

Team JigSaw Digital Innovators

6 Team Size
32 Days saved by using Digital Gurus
213 Days spent on the digital product
34,021 Largest Puzzle Played Cast

Technologies used


A Platform Enabling Multi
Player Gaming
Across Global Channels

Designed, developed and deployed this platform allowing users to play jigsaws online through experiences available on iOS, Android, and the social web.

The platform empowered users to play, manage, time, and purchase products all from a singe application interface, in real time.

Responsive Web & Native iOS and Android Development

Our team of experts in their field used the latest cutting-edge technologies to create this masterpiece such as PHP, Javascript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3 and Adobe Flash (AS3 PureMVC framework).

Stability, Speed,

We applied the agile methodology to this project, in other words we deployed the tech under a fixed price, fixed time and flexible scope.

Our "keeping in slim and lean" approach had to be especially considerate of cross-compatibility, Jigsaw users will be a litte uneasy when first switching from the physical world to the Digital world.


A Scalable and Usable Digital Product Across Mobile, Web & Social

The team worked closely with JigFun, often at each others offices, to create and deploy a minimum viable product (MVP) over a series of several agile sprints. The functionality of the portal was tested by our users during each cycle.

Deployed the right team at each step of the design and development cycle to ensure the best outcome in overall engagement and market insight

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