Innovative digital greeting platform geared for sending millions of personalised messages musically backed to include voice recordings flawlessly over the wire.

JiveBird and Believe partnered together to create a digital greetings product that's the first of its kind to hit the market through a unified and integrated experience.

The Digital

Digital Voice Greeting

Team JiveBird was founded by bunch of leading musicians, commercial licensing experts and digital engineers who wanted to create a product using iOS, Android, Web and SMS that would utilise their 150,000 licensed music in an innovative way.

The Requirements At A


Product Scope
Product Design
Product Delivery

Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers

9 Team Size
290 Hours saved by using DBI Accelerators
2,132 Hours spent on the product
700+ Millions Votes Cast

The Digital Stack


A Messaging Platform Enabling Seamless
Engagement & User Generated
Voice Greetings across SMS, VOIP and HTTP

Defined, designed and deployed this service that allows people to go online, choose a song, record a message and line up a timetable of multiple messages to be sent to Friends and Families.

From a single interface, the service empowers the use of the internet to allow users to create their soundbites, whilst some very neat tech allows the message to me compressed and ready to be sent firstly through SMS and then through the phone as if someone was actually called them.

Native iOS, Android Development and Responsive Web:

DBI used Adobe’s PhoneGap framework to quickly and effectively deploy the Android and iOS apps whilst using our own bespoke code though AngularJS to allow the recording and receiving of the message.

Resilience, Speed,
and Stability

Believe created a high performing server tech and redundant either cloud infrastructure to allow the system to easily record and send millions of messages and songs at the same time.

To ensure optimal experience and 100% uptime at all instances, DBI deployed an automated scalable and distributable load across cloud server regions. The infracode included load balancers, 6 scalable web servers (c3.xlarge), 2 RDS instances (xlarge instance types), a server and a CDN to serve static assets.


An Intuitive Robust and Usable Digital Product across Mobile, Web & Social

With JiveBird being a start-up its essential they have this team in place in order to respond quickly to market reaction

As their Digital Broadcasters is now fully engaged and have a dedicated team constantly working on app releases for iOS, Android, mobile Web and desktop Web to improve this product.

We've been enabled us to secure funding and played a valuable partner that has really helped us understand the core requirements of our customer's user journey and how tech can be used to deliver our desired message.

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