Research & Development of Future Tech

Creative Technology is best produced from the heart or at DBI Business Personal Idea Development (BPID). Our nerdy bunch of digital and innovation experts love to to put our own experiments to the stack test before pitching live clients and getting paid for delivering and developing a service we are sure to define.

This lean philosophy promotes a digital broadcasting responsibility granting our skillset to quickly understand a startup activity, efficiency, problem or more so how to define, develop, design and create a meaningful purpose for users and their customers.

Our manifestation since 2002 of a fast shift in technology and systematic engagement pattern has kept our teams process reformation and continuous commitment to R & D ahead of other digital agencies. It's this continuous cycle of mobile, desktop and wearable development that has kept DBI as a world class, award winning tech leader.

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Big Audacious Ideas

Diverse, Influential and Daring Ideas

Time, resource and funding is split into R&D tech, were DBI work on digital product ideas that have the potential to transform and disrupt industries. With this in mind, our fullstack team have the capacity to produce and create a self nurturing team of some of brightest talented sparks in the industry.

From this remarkable team our output evolves into one of three outcomes:
  1. Engineer a market fit product that will twinkle inside the businesses web, mobile, tablet and TV product pipeline.
  2. Inability to produce a feasible product market fit with the time restraints allocated.
  3. Deliver a high quality deployable market fit product outside from the core business of the company.

Our deep experience and cutting-edge thinking creates a building agile process that allows all stake holders to learn about other aspect of our research and development. Below you enjoy some of our fun ideas that our internal team are working on.

Nerd day hacks

Theamed Hackathons

Throughout the year, we shut up shop and send our team away for purposeful big audacious idea hacking. The thinking behind this is that it allows our nerds to get out of the building and creatively explore time focused innovation delivery. These are sometimes 24hr, 48hr or 72hrs sprints in which everyone improves or learn from team-parallel industrial players.

All our innovation stems from proven builds, where we've designed or experimented on a got to be real, got to have it, problem solving project. This alumni perspective and effective services delivery allows us to create dynamic, innovative products ready to be deployed and ready to disrupt.



Next-Generation Ad Tech Platform unifying Mobile with TV Space

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Meg platfrom

Fair Office


Productivty app demanding a transpart work office force compliancy precudure

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